I am an award-winning copywriter who has worked across all aspects of the business.

For me, ideas are everything.

I have held CD positions at two agencies. Sat on and chaired awards juries. Had the privilege of working with some talented people along the way. Been a director of a film company. Freelanced at some of the best ATL and BTL agencies in town and overseas.

And, I’m still excited about what I can do for clients.

Jim Archer


I have worked on…cars, boats and planes; drink and drugs; food and drink; travel and trains; hospitals and hospitality; eyes and noses; batteries and razors; pubs and hotels; commercial and industrial; estate agents and solicitors; broadcast and broadband; cat and dog food; wine, beer and whisky; cosmetic surgery and surgical instruments; pharmacies and pharmaceuticals; banks, charities, tyres, sausages, financial services and even kitchen sinks…the rest will no doubt come to me later.

Recent history

Them – Creative Director
Freelance – Iris, SFW, CHM Ping, CMW, Hicklin Slade, Publicis Dialog, MWO, Craik Jones, KLP Euro, RSCG, Carbon, RPM, Elvis, Cinnamon DunnHumby, Black Cat
Perspectives Red Cell – Creative Director
Marketing Perspectives – Creative Director
Freelance – Joshua, Geronimo, JWT, JWT Lisbon, Grey Düsseldorf, TBWA Paris, WCRS, McCann, Jaffe Keating
Twelfth House Productions – Writer / Producer
KHBB – Group Head

Dear Jim.

Re: Strutt & Parker DM campaign

Please do not allow this letter to encourage you to put your rates up, but the mustard mailer has now been sent out and it has attracted more positive comments than any other single mailing item that we have ever sent out – it’s all down to your creativity and your ability to suffer our nagging, irritating and persistent input into what was obviously a stroke of genius.

Many, many thanks.

Andrew Scott.
Partner. Head of London Residential Division.